The Sound Room Heats Up the St. Louis Weber Grill Restaurant

If you haven’t made your way out to the new Weber Grill Restaurant at the St. Louis Galleria mall, plan a trip as soon as possible! And we’re not just saying this because we were a part of the building process, but because it is a truly unique and fun place to dine and improve your grilling skills! If you’re a lover of dining on outdoor patio, the Weber Grill Restaurant has a huge outdoor patio that is perfect for the warmer months.

Living in the Midwest, we are not strangers to the summer humidity, pop up storms and unpredictable winter weather. The Weber Grill Restaurant called in The Sound Room’s Electronic Systems Designer, Aaron Blake, to help create an outdoor digital display for the restaurant that could withstand the climate and create the ultimate entertainment experience.


Taking in account the location and climate, Aaron knew he would need advanced waterproofing and temperature resistant technology. After researching and testing, Aaron and the Weber Grill team landed on SunBriteTV’s for the patio and they were the perfect choice!

“The SunBriteTVs are located on the outdoor patio, which can be covered or uncovered, meaning that rain and snow weren’t that big of an issue for the install,” said Blake. “The real concern here was the Missouri humidity, and we knew the SunBrite TVs would be able to withstand even the most humid of days.”


The displays also have an audio reinforcement system on the bar that allows customers to choose between listening to music or watching television. The displays are bright and easy to see, even with the bright summer sun shining on the screen, you won’t miss a moment of your favorite show, which is something the Weber Grill customers can appreciate.

Financially it made the most sense for the Weber Grill Restaurant to go with these all weather SunBriteTV’s rather than replacing their screens every season due to potential weather damage. It’s not only a financial saving, but also peace of mind. They are so pleased with the performance and value of the SunBriteTV’s that they are looking to order a fourth to add to their outdoor patio.

This was a really fun project for us to work on and we appreciated the opportunity to investigate the best technology and designs to fit their needs. Plus, it’s always nice working somewhere that smells like delicious BBQ all day!

Looking for a SunBrite or all weather TV to heat up your outdoor entertainment area? Give us a call, we can get you set up just in time to enjoy the Fall weather.