Tales of The Sound Room Employees

Every day at The Sound Room is an adventure. We never know who’s going to walk in, what kind of products will be popular and what projects we’ll be asked to complete. We recently sat down with some of our sales team and asked them to share some of their recent client stories and experiences and how The Sound Room was able to assist these customers in a way they would not receive elsewhere.

Justin Reeve:

I recently had the pleasure of working with a wonderful couple in Chesterfield to design and implement a whole-home audio and video control system with a reference quality media and theater room. They can now listen to music and watch their favorite TV shows throughout the house using simple touch screens and even with their Smart phones, no longer needing to sort through hundreds of CDs and DVDs. No undesired equipment is visible and simply resides in an equipment rack in a basement storage area. The best part about projects like this is seeing the look on our clients faces when they see and hear what is possible with the right equipment. Often times people come to us with an idea of what they want and how they picture it to look. When they realize what we can do for them, and how much better it will be than what they ever imagined, that’s a really great feeling. Seeing the looks on this couple’s face when they were able to experience their new system for the first time is something I will never forget.

Rachael Crowell:

There was a really nice guy who came in a few months ago who was experiencing problems with his Paradigm SoundBar. He was frustrated that he couldn’t get it to work. The audio continued to cut out and he tried troubleshooting at home with no success. After talking to him for a few minutes and determining how he had it set up, we discovered that he had it set on cinema mode instead of music mode and that he set it up himself using an old cable. He came in thinking that he had a faulty system that would cost him tons of money, but in the end he walked away with a $100 solution- a new cable. He came back in afterwards to tell us that he got his SoundBar working and how happy he was with our customer service, troubleshooting and the way that we did not try and up sell him. He said that if he went anywhere else, the sales team would have tried to sell him a new system, and that’s what he wanted to avoid. Hearing things like this is what makes my job truly wonderful. Its hearing from happy customers who have experienced The Sound Room difference and how much it means to them, that’s music to my ears.


That’s why we say: The Sound Room… Same Price, Better Advice. We have an educated team who can help you determine the best system for your setup, troubleshoot and answer questions. Stop by to experience The Sound Room difference. And stay tuned for future employee stories.