Service and Quality are the Keys to Success in Home Technology

Driving down the street or watching the news, it is hard to miss the Ultimate Electronics going out of business signs and commercials. The sight may seem all too familiar after the national retailer only declared bankruptcy a few years ago.  But even after going though this process once, it became painfully obvious that their “lower than Best Buy or Wal-mart price guarantee” model was unsustainable.

While having 46 stores, their buying power and efficiencies were nothing other big box stores. By offering the lowest prices Ultimate Electronics put itself out of business by not giving customers a benefit to shopping at their stores.

For smaller chains and independent stores to thrive, they must focus on their competitive advantage of professional expert staff, premium name brands and exemplary service before, during and after the sale.

When you go to an independent store, you know they appreciate your business and the staff is going to be truly an expert. Their prices will be competitive, but often the selection will truly be quality items, not on display to hit a price point. Cheaper is not always better. Better is having someone to explain the products and suggest the one that works best for you.

At The Sound Room we truly work hard to bring the latest technology with the best service possible. Next time you are considering buy a new piece of home technology, don’t leave your purchase to chance. Ask our experts, who on average have more than a decade of experience!