A Can’t Miss Pick TV Pick for March Madness

After careful planning of your NCAA tournament bracket on Selection Sunday, your well thought out picks have undoubtedly been a victim of a few upsets. But one thing every knowledgeable basketball fan knows is that higher seeded teams almost always win the tournament. In fact, a number one seeded team has made the final four all but two years.

Even though your chances of picking a perfect March Madness bracket are 9.2 quintillion to 1, there is one decision that is a can’t miss…the Sharp 835 series. We carry many premium TVs in our showroom, but this series is very special. Coming in 60, 52, 46 and 40-inch screen sizes, this TV uses Quattron technology, meaning it adds an extra yellow pixel to enhance the picture quality. With built-in Wi-Fi it is capable of streaming Netflix and Hulu wirelessly.

The 835 series also comes with Sharp’s AquoMotion 240 technology, improving picture quality by virtually eliminating blur and artifacts from fast-moving onscreen action sequences, perfect for a high intensity basketball games. Also unique to the 835 series is Quad Pixel Plus, which improves image resolution. And for your other home technology components, the Sharp 835 series has four HDMI ports.

Like a great college basketball coach, we went after the best talent, which is why we are the only store in St. Louis to carry the Sharp 835 series. Other big box stores carry a lesser model, without the necessary features for quality screen control. Don’t be fooled by their claims that other models are an equivalent, they are not.

If you want to experience March Madness like it was intended to, stop by our showroom and see the difference a Sharp 835 series can deliver. We guarantee you will not be disappointed. Come quick the last game of the tournament is April 4!