GoldenEar Triton One Tower Arrives at The Sound Room

We are excited to announce that the GoldenEar Triton One Tower is now available at The Sound Room!

Triton One TowerThe Triton One Tower is an evolutionary speaker that builds upon all the advanced technologies of the Triton Tower Series that have made them famous. The Triton One is a sleek 54” tall and represents the highest technology GoldenEar has to offer. This technology includes 56 bit DSP engine for the sub section, high-end film capacitors, a fully balanced crossover design and advanced cabinet design, just to name a few. The Triton’s dual powered subwoofers deliver remarkably deep, tight, bass performance, which is perfect for music as well as dynamic home theater. The Triton One has been honored by the prestigious 2014 CES Innovations Design and Engineering Award for performance equal to, and in many cases surpassing, speakers selling for ten times its cost.

Contact us today to schedule a demo, or stop by to experience the Triton One first hand!