Safety & Security

sound_security_logoAre you and your family protected from burglaries and fire? Sound Security, the security division of The Sound Room offers intrusion and environmental protection for homes and businesses. More than just a standard system, a Sound Security system is about total household integration for total security. With burglaries occurring every 11 seconds, a Sound Security system monitors every aspect of the home with motion sensors, smoke detectors, audio, lighting and temperature, to ensure that your family and home are protected.

Smart Security

Also a Sound Security system will serve as the primary fire protection for your home. Residential fires are expensive and often deadly, resulting in billions of dollars in property loss yearly. The quick response from a household integrated system can add precious seconds when escaping from a residential fire.

Convenient Installation

When our Sound Security experts come to your home or business for a security system installation, expect the best in service and execution. After we have completed the installation our experts will give you a proper training of your new system.

Safe and sound, that is the advantage of security by the Sound Room. Don’t delay, call today and receive up to a 20 percent discount on your homeowner’s insurance, (636) 449-0111 or