AudioQuest NRG Y3 AC Power Cord – 2M


Length = 2M (6′ 7″)
Low-Distortion 3 Pole Power Cable

Long-Grain Copper w/ Silver-Plated Drain Wires
Semi-Solid Concentric Conductors
Direction-Controlled Conductors

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Semi-Solid Concentric conductors are packed more tightly and never change position within the bundle, significantly reducing strand-interaction distortion.

Long-Grain Copper w/ Silver-Plated Drain Wires minimize distortion caused by grain boundaries that exist within any metal conductor; while the sliver plated shield conductors efficiently drain RF noise from the line and neutral shields to ground via the third “ground” pin.

Direction-Controlled Conductors are a fundamental aspect of AudioQuests multifaceted Noise-Dissipation technology. Direction-Controlled Conductors assure induced noise is dissipated and drained properly.

ZERO Tech combines low DC resistance and zero (no) characteristic impedance in order to deliver uncompressed transients on demand.