AudioQuest PowerQuest 2 AC Power Conditioner


6 AC Outlets / 2 USB Charging Ports
15 Amp (RMS) Input Current Capacity Maximum
Extreme Voltage Shutdown at 140VAC
Non-Sacrificial Surge Protection
4K/8K Video Optimized Outlet

Directionally Optimized Concentric-Geometry AQ Power Cord

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AudioQuests power filtration removes more noise and distortion than most common power conditioners, dramatically improving your system’s performance. Unlike traditional surge protectors, non-sacrificial surge suppression prevents both high voltage and current from damaging your equipment, ensuring that your PowerQuest devices won’t fail over time.

The PowerQuest features both a slim profile and a rugged floor-mounting stand that makes it ideal for mounting behind cabinets. Power cords plug straight down to the top layer AC outlets, making installation trouble free.

OUTLET 14K/8K Video Optimized Linear Filter: best when connected to video screens, televisions, projectors, or media players
OUTLETS 2, 3, 4, and 5Linear Filter: best when connected to A/V source components, computers, modems, or routers
OUTLET 6High Current: best when connected to soundbar, power amplifier, A/V receiver, or subwoofer.