AudioQuest Tower 3M Analog Audio Cable


Length = 3-meter (10′)
Solid Long-Grain Copper Conductors
Cold-Welded / Gold-Plated Terminations
Asymmetrical Double-Balanced Geometry
Foamed-Polyethylene Insulation

Metal-Layer Noise Dissipation

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AudioQuest “Bridges & Falls” series analog cables feature better metals and more sophisticated technology including Air-Tube insulation, Dielectric-Bias System, and Noise-Dissipation Systems at lower prices than ever.

All cables in the “Bridges & Falls” line-up place the left and right channels in a single jacket and feature AQ’s Asymmetrical Double-Balanced geometry with separate high-quality positive and negative conductors. This allows for a thinner, more flexible, and uniquely versatile high-performance cable.