The Sound Room’s Holiday Favorites, Part 2

Last week we shared Part 1 of our staff’s favorite gifts and we’ve loved hearing which ones were your favorites too! See if your new favorite might just be waiting on this list!

Aaron Blake:
Bose Quiet Comfort Headphones
Price: $349
This year I’m choosing the Bose Quiet Comfort 35. After spending 14 & ½ hours on a plane with a screaming child, I can say with certainty that I will never board an airplane without a set of noise cancelling headphones. These are not only the best noise canceling head phones Bose has ever made they are also the best sounding ones as well. Excellent Bluetooth connectivity, great battery life, cannot recommend highly enough.

Joshua Beard:
Paradigm Prestige 95F Tower Speakers
Price: $4999. pair

The Paradigm Prestige 95F speakers are the perfect gifts for me! As soon as I heard them…I fell in love. The subtle details in my favorite songs I hadn’t heard before, the clarity in the vocals I didn’t even know was possible, and the soundstage is incredible! When I listened to Eric Clapton Unplugged, I swear he was performing right in front of me. These speakers are very efficient, so they don’t require a lot of power to run them (although, you can never have too much power). Pair these with the Anthem STR Integrated Amplifier, and you have a 2-channel system that kicks the pants off most anything out there. And now until the end of the year,  you can receive a FREE Paradigm Prestige55C Center Speaker worth $1,700 when you buy the 95F speakers.

David Young:
Project Debut Carbon Blue Turntable
Price: $399
It matches my shirt.

Tony Vieira:
McIntosh/Paradigm/AudioQuest Stereo System
I decided I’ve been very, very good this year, and I should get 12 gifts for the 12 days of Christmas. Right? Here’s my wish list:

  1. McIntosh C47 Pre-Amp: $4,000
  2. McIntosh MCD500 CD Player: $6,500
  3. McIntosh MEN220 Room Correction: $6,500
  4. McIntosh MC275VI Power Amplifier: $5,500
  5. McIntosh MPC1500 Power Conditioner: $5,000
  6. Paradigm Persona 5F Speakers: $17,000
  7. Sony HAPZ1ES Audio Player: $2,000
  8. AudioQuest Wild Blue Interconnects: $6,700
  9. AudioQuest Wild Wood Speaker Cables: $14,000
  10. AudioQuest NRG Power Cables: $1,100
  11. AudioQuest Digital Cables: $800
  12. SolidSteel Rack: $800
  • Total: $69,900

I swear I’m on the nice list!

Now that you’ve seen what we have on our wish lists, don’t forget to check out our complete holiday gift guide to make your own wishlist!