Why You Should Be Shopping at a Local Retailer for Your Technology Solutions

We recently visited our friends at Creve Coeur Camera, and were thoroughly impressed with the shopping experience that we had with them. When buying complex technology like cameras, the value of experiencing it in person with the assistance of an expert cannot be understated. As a local retailer ourselves, we realized that the perks of buying from a local expert also apply to shopping with us!

When buying new technology, it’s common for people to hastily take their shopping needs online. They search for products and try to sift through the reviews, do a bit of research, and place the order. They pray that the new product will work with the other components in their existing system. These are all typical concerns for consumers, especially when spending hundreds to thousands of dollars on electronics.

So why do we recommend shopping locally instead?

1. You will receive customized system solutions from the experts

Our associates can create a custom system to fulfil your needs. The Sound Room’s team of experts in home technology, entertainment, audio and automation will make home life easy, connected, simpler and safer, all while saving time and energy.

We have the experience and knowledge to design a comprehensive system that will provide you with the appropriate solution for your home or business.

2. See it. Hear it. Feel it – IN PERSON

Technology is a rapidly changing industry, and chances are those new products may not interface with older existing products in your system. Attempting to look up this type of compatibility information on the internet (or even “chatting” with a representative) will be a fruitless endeavor. So, what should you do?

  • Avoid the guessing game! By working with a Sound Room expert you will learn what your needs are, and see exactly what you’re buying.
  • Experience the technology for yourself. Our team provides live showroom demonstrations – no videos here.

So the next time you are looking to update your electronics, shop with local experts who can provide you with qualified advice and the complete system. We look forward to seeing you at The Sound Room in Chesterfield for the ultimate buying experience. We’re always here to give you the same price, and better advice.