The Sound Room Launches Construction Division to Read and React to a Changing Operational Environment

As home technology has evolved, so have the connectivity expectations of today’s homeowners. That’s why The Sound Room is launching a new construction division to help builders capitalize on the current and future potential of connected home technology.

According to Tony Pratte, Director of Builder Relations, the new division will allow The Sound Room to serve builders with the same agility and adaptivity as other trade contractors.

“The construction business is one of constantly moving schedules and timelines due to weather, sub-contractor delays, and a variety of other factors,” Pratte said. “This change will give us the flexibility to constantly react to the operational environment and demands of our partners.”

Because technology is transforming at an increasing rate, building a home tech infrastructure for what exists today means you’re already behind. The Sound Room maintains close relationships with their manufacturing partners. That gives them exclusive insight into the technology that’s coming, and allows them to help builders and homeowners prepare for the future.

“Who ever thought they would have to worry about WIFI coverage for their refrigerator?” Pratte said. “But the capabilities for an entirely connected home are here and expanding, so we help clients stay ahead of it.”

According to Pratte, the regional community of homebuilders is already recognizing and appreciating the value of the change. Builders who find themselves in unfamiliar territory now have someone they can call to get answers and rely on to provide the solution appropriate for the need.

The Sound Room is also partnering with several builders to offer an add-on to their new home warranty, included in the construction price of the home. In the same way buyers can reach out to the builder to resolve issues within their first year in the home, The Sound Room provides 24/7 tech support for WIFI outages and other home tech issues.

“Within 10 minutes of being contacted, we’ll troubleshoot issues,” Pratte said. “Once we’ve identified what’s happening, we give the homeowner a diagnosis and create a ticket to address it without any additional work on their part.”

In situations where builders are offering this service, homeowners can choose to extend the service after the first year or let it expire.