How we’re staying safe and in service – a message from our president, David Young

Our top priority is the health and safety of our employeesclients and the communities where we live and work. Both our showroom and operations facility will remain open if you need to place orders or speak to a representative, and our hours of operation will remain the same with the exception of Sunday. We are closing on Sundays until further notice to give our staff extra time to deal with personal issues. We will continue to update the community if anything changes.

  • CLEANING. We have invested in disinfecting supplies and hand sanitizers for all to use. We are cleaning the surfaces at the store on a regular basis, including the front counter, door handles, remotes (that may be used by clients) touch screens, bathroom stall handles, sink, water fountains, etc.
  • HOUSE CALLS. With that in mind we are telling our customers when we call to schedule that we cannot send our technicians into their home if anyone is ill. We are also instructing our installation staff to leave any jobsite where a member of the household is ill. We will reschedule these appointments once everyone in the household is healthy.
  • GREETINGS. Hand shaking will be discouraged. Instead, expect a greeting of a smile and elbow bump. While it is normally our policy to greet guests with a handshake and a smile, we are taking precautionary measures against spreading illness. The smile and customer focus will continue!
  • SUPPLY CHAIN. There are going to be short-term supply gaps to fulfill orders, primarily driven by product or component assemblies coming from Asia. We are communicating with our vendors on a daily basis and bumping up orders as needed. We will continue to keep everyone informed, to minimize the effects of our projects.
  • STAFFING. Our staff is instructed not to come in to work if they exhibit any symptoms of illness. We have set up the ability to work from home for many of our support staff and will do our very best to schedule the right amount of staffing to keep our projects on track.

Many thanks from our 42 team members for supporting your locally owned audio, video and automation specialty company. We appreciate your business and loyalty for 36 years and trust that we will get through these circumstances.

Sincerely yours,

David S. Young, President