Music Matters Event Returns to The Sound Room

Fall is upon us which can mean only one thing: Music Matters is back at The Sound Room! This VIP event will be Thursday, October 16 from 5:00pm to 9:00pm at The Sound Room, featuring a live performance by the Well Hungarians. There will be food, wine, live music and plenty of door prizes. Experience live demonstrations by AudioQuest, Bowers & Wilkins, Classe’, Rotel, JL Audio, GoldenEar, Totem, Paradigm, Sonos, Sony and Bose. This is your once in a lifetime opportunity to ask vendor reps the questions you’ve been dying to have answered and get a hands-on experience with some leaders in home technology.

Bowers-Wilkins-Nautilus-Speakers-4We will have these hand crafted Bowers & Wilkins Nautilus Speakers on display and for sale at Music Matters! Because of the complex shape and design of these speakers, each shell is made almost entirely by hand using a resin designed to ensure maximum durability and strength. The paint and finish for these elite speakers are imported from Germany, where it is supplied to the most elite luxury car brands including Porsche and Mercedes Benz. Every Nautilus speaker goes through rigorous testing and quality steps throughout the production process, including one last audition before it receives the final seal of approval. Don’t miss out on this once in a lifetime offer, you cannot get these speakers anywhere else in St. Louis!



Get a first look at the new Prestige speakers from Paradigm. This will be the first time these speakers will be shown at any dealer, US, Canada or international! The Prestige series is the result of 32 years of speaker development, and incorporates everything Paradigm knows about loudspeaker engineering and execution. Be one of the first to experience these speakers at our live demo!


Deezer Elite SonosIntroducing the Deezer Elite, only on Sonos. Deezer Elite is the first, global High-Resolution Audio streaming service available to consumers. It is a new, first of its kind service from Deezer, and will give Sonos users the ability to stream music with the depth and richness of what the artist intended.

With 35 million tracks to choose from which is more than any other service, you can enjoy your music in high definition audio enabling you to hear every nuance, anywhere in your home, and only on Sonos high fidelity speakers. Instantly stream your favorite songs, create custom radio stations based on your favorite artists, and discover more music with personalized features.  Interested in learning more? Stop by out Sonos demonstration at Music Matters.
Triton One Tower

GoldenEar Technology has introduced an extraordinary new Triton One flagship, which has already been receiving rave reviews.  “Even with your eyes open, it’s practically impossible to make yourself realize that you’re not listening to living, breathing human beings playing actual instruments in front of you,” said Darryl Wilkinson from Sound & Vision.




dragonfly_callout2Streaming music or movies from your computer and looking to improve the sound quality? Audioquest can solve your problem! The DragonFly USB Digital Audio Converter improves any sound coming from your computer. Do you really need all of those wires in your audio/video system? Only if you want to hear and see the full potential of your system! Come experience what you give up to go wireless at our Audioquest demo.

Sony Hi Res audio

The Hi-Res Audio Player from Sony, created to allow you to hear music as it was intended. The Hi-Res music player features 1 TB hard drive, supports DSD and the full range of Hi-Red file formats, as well as Wi-Fi for easy music transfer and app control. The DSD re-mastering engine converts all signals to DSD signals, giving you the highest quality, purest sound.

These are just a few of the select products you have the opportunity to experience at Music Matters. Keep an eye out next week as we release a few more details on some elite products we will be demonstrating at Music Matters. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to hear some of these systems! Be sure to RSVP by October 15th to this VIP exclusive event.